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Dear OVVIO Customer.

As you might know, we recently experienced system issues preventing us from processing orders. So when Bizway Inc. again made an offer to buy our inventory and production capacity, we decided to accept the offer and discontinue operations. 

Since Bizway does not have to recoup a huge investment in product development, they are offering the entire OVVIO product line at much reduced prices. And while they are not a skincare company, they are experts in timely fulfillment of high volumes of orders and have agreed to establish a monthly replenishment program for all current (and new) OVVIO customers, who should expect a call from them soon. You will have to reconfirm your order.

Please visit their website at www.bizwayinc.com to see pricing and ordering information or contact them by email to support@bizwayinc.com or by phone at 786 505 0750. 

Please note that Bizway Inc. does not have access to your order history or payment information besides from the content of your monthly order and your address.

We trust you will be excited about getting your familiar OVVIO products from Bizway Inc. and wish you good health and beautiful, young skin.


The OVVIO Executive Team